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Project Services

Project Services

We are able to identify, place and manage the entire workforce for large scale projects, across multiple sites and industries. We can also provide and mobilize smaller specialized teams or individuals.

We can help you gain a competitive edge over your rivals by conducting innovative business planning and identifying opportunities.

By identifying risks and creating robust management strategies, we will pre-empt potential service disruption from environmental, financial and operational uncertainty.

Our expert change management professionals can guide you through transitions caused by legislation, economic downturns and technological advances.

Market leading RMS across multiple industries have benefited from these services and chosen Amen Group as a trusted partner.

Project Feasibility Planning

Keeping you ahead of the competition

We can keep you on the cutting edge and realise your growth ambitions by:

  • Conducting market assessments
  • Carrying out rigorous competitor analyses
  • Assessing the current proposed project plan
  • Reviewing the technical feasibility of the proposal
  • Reviewing of all legal requirements.

Strategic Project Planning

Helping you plan more efficient projects

We can keep you at the cutting edge and realize your growth ambitions by:

  • Designing project plans
  • Financial planning
  • Conducting analyses of supply chains and logistic functions
  • Identifying opportunities to streamline these functions, e.g. through careful vendor management and moving to a single source supply
  • Reducing your costs by recommending these changes; thereby increasing your profit margin
  • Adding intangible value by helping you form conducive corporate objectives and a culture that fosters success.

HR Structuring

Getting the right structure, skills and assuring competence

Amen Group can craft an organizational structure which ensures you appoint the right resources by:

  • Developing a recruitment strategy
  • Ensuring strong lines of accountability and that you appoint resources with the right skill-sets
  • Matching you with our expert consultants to fill critical roles during points of transition and growth.
  • Assessing, raising and maintaining the competence of your workforce through:
    • Conducting training needs analyses
    • Setting key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Undertaking performance reviews and appraisals.

Risk Management

Protecting your projects

We’ll ensure your projects don’t run aground by developing robust risk management strategies. This includes:

  • Conducting thorough analyses to identify potential risks.
  • Advising you on how to mitigate these risks, e.g. avoiding, controlling, accepting and transferring.
  • Calculating cost implications of these risks, so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.
  • Collecting and processing historical data to ascertain risks’ likelihood/impact
  • Avoiding adverse risk exposure and empowering clients to respond effectively by creating reports and live documents for monitoring them, for example:
    • Heat maps
    • Risk registers
    • Near-miss databases
    • Action thresholds and risk assessments.

Change Management

Reacting to new developments

Shifting markets, new legislation, economic downturns, technological advances and growth can all affect organizational change. We’ll steer you through these changes by:

  • Preparing you for imminent legislation
  • Training senior management
  • Devising recruitment strategies
  • Advising you on staff consultation.

Financial Management

Reducing your costs, increasing your margin

We will help you achieve cost savings by:

  • Conducting spending analyses
  • Creating expense procedures
  • Rationalizing procurement
  • Managing taxation liability
  • Consolidating invoices
  • Providing budget and resource reporting
  • Controlling multiple supplier costs.

On-Site Project Management

Across multiple sectors

We will deliver your projects to cost, time and quality by:

  • Monitoring critical paths
  • Co-ordinating disparate departments and resources
  • Using project management methodologies
  • Updating senior stakeholders.

Taxation Advice

Ensuring compliance and maximizing your project’s rewards

By engaging expert local partners and conducting rigorous research, we can ensure the compliance of your project projects and maximize their profitability. We achieve this by:

  • Identifying tax liabilities and calculating local and national obligations.
  • Designing and managing business expense policies.
  • Avoiding adverse implications, e.g. unforeseen penalties, and retaining stakeholders' confidence.
  • Conducting year end compliance reporting