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Training Services

Training Service

When you train with us, you are assured of training with the very best in the business. Our people will train yours not only to recognize excellence, but to maintain and build on it through continual improvement.

Types of Training:

Currently Amen Consulting Limited offers training in two main formats:

In-Company Training

This is when a specific training is held on your premises, or in a facility engaged by your organization, where only your employees attend the training.

The advantage of this kind of delivery is that you practically eliminate expenses such travel expenses and associated costs, especially when dealing with a high number of participants.

Another advantage is that the training can be highly customized and specifically created to address issues relating to your specific industry and your organization.

Public Training

This kind of training takes place in a pre-determined location, and is available to anyone who registers for the training, whether from your organization or not. In a situation where you have few staff members to be trained, then this is the most ideal option to go for.


The advantage of this training is that attendees are away from the office meaning distractions from the office are minimized, plus they do get to interact and network with other like minded individuals from different industries and organizations.

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