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Auditing courses

Auditing courses

We've got all aspects of auditing covered from advanced skills to managing a programme, writing a report or approaching top management.

Whether it’s quality, environmental, energy, information security or health and safety – you can learn to audit management systems internally or as a consultant. Our courses can be adapted to your needs and delivered in house, online or through a public programme.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

5 Days in-company training course

  • Understanding of RCA and develop continuous improvement
  • Develop more effective techniques, improve evaluation and communication skills, increase your ability to implement corrective action programs

Corrective and Preventive Actions

5 Days in-company training course

  • Get a thorough understanding of  "Corrective Action" and  "Preventive Action."
  • Learn how to properly document a corrective (CAR) or preventive (PAR) action request, answer a CAR/PAR, and close out a CAR/PAR

Advancing Your Audit Skills

Classroom training course

  • Help your business achieve and maintain certification to management systems – become an advanced auditor in just one day with our Advancing Your Audit Skills training course.